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We are proven specialists in creating highly successful, sustainable Coaching Cultures in organisations

Through more than 20 years of coach specific industry immersion, we have partnered with a diverse range of leading organisations globally, to create outstanding outcomes through tailored coaching culture initiatives.

Coaching cultures underpin the four critical factors identified through extensive research and analysis (including AON/ Kincentric studies cited below) that are required to excel in our current environment of digitalisation, globalization and talent shortages.

Coach Global Coaching Culture clients have won multiple, significant best employer and engagement awards, as well as being analysed as having significant upswings in engagement and leadership effectiveness, as a direct result of partnering with us on their bespoke coaching culture initiatives. Please see case studies below.

The efficacy of Coaching Cultures is evidence-based. Research and analysis completed by AON/ Kincentric identified that Best Employers are surpassing other organisations in the following measurable factors. These elements directly correlate to the behaviours and mindset that result from the embedding of a coaching culture.


Furthermore, AON’s research has shown that Best Employers enjoy direct and significant commercial benefits.

AIA (Asia Pacific) Case Study

Coaching Culture Project “Manager as Coach”

At the time of the initial engagement of Coaching Culture project with Coach Global, AIA Group Limited and its subsidiaries comprise the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group.

Employee base: Approximately 20,000 across 16 countries/entities.
Market capitalisation: $23 Billion

Following their IPO Oct 2010, to move from:

  • Centralised operating model to empowered business units across the Region
  • Crisis management to driving business growth
  • Command control culture/matrix reporting to local accountabilities and increased engagement



  • Engaged Coach Global as key strategic partner for Asia Pacific roll-out
  • Identified that the required behaviour was a coaching leadership style and mindset
  • Design bespoke “Manager as Coach” programme to provide skills and environment to create sustainable behavioural change
  • Have a shared language and model of thinking
  • Initially piloted and across entities including company Executive Committee
  • 41 programs delivered across 16 countries. Initial directive was for one program per country to most senior leaders. Countries then empowered to run further programs – which they chose to, in multiples, from 2012 – 2018.
  • Trained approx 1000 + leaders during this project
  • Project design including blending prior frameworks to provide continuity and ROI on valued previous development initiatives

Market Capitalisation

2010US$23 Billion
2016US$78 Billion


Share Price
Retention Rate
Employee Share Purchase Plan take up rate
Market Capitalisation
Employee Engagement


Best Employer and Engagement Awards:

AIA received, and continues to receive, a myriad of awards at Group and individual country level including as Best Employer across the Asia pacific Region:

“Regional Best Employer for Asia Pacific” 2016 – AON Hewitt

“Great Workplace Award for Asia Pacific 2018” – Gallup

“Employer of Choice 2019 and 2020” – Job Market

    • Employer of Choice Award
    • Employee Engagement Award
    • Appreciation Culture Award

“World’s Best Employers” List 2018-2021 – Forbes

Engagement in top quartile from 2016-2021 (against global industry benchmark with 97% participation) – Gallup

* This signified a massive turnaround from the commencement of Coach Global/Coaching Australia Coaching Culture project (2010) where AIA group engagement sat in the bottom quartile globally

Deutsche Bank (Asia Pacific) Case Study – Coaching Culture Initiative “HR as Coach”


Deutsche Bank is a German multinational investment bank and financial services company. The Bank’s network spans 58 countries with a large presence in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Enable Senior APAC Human Resources professionals to have quality coaching conversations across the business, and create a positive shift towards being valued as trusted business advisors


Coach Global engaged to develop a Coaching Communication skills and mindset educarion training, along with a thorough ongoing structure that embeds coaching ultimately as a self-sustaining culture of the HR function of Deutsche Bank APAC

Enable HR professionals to identify and apply coaching conversations appropriately to support the lasting learning and development of the individuals in the business

Worked with multiple cohorts of Senior HR professionals across APAC over a 3 year period

  • Foundation Programme – 6 months – Blended learning approach.
  • Created Active Implementation Programme
  • Momentum Programme – Mentoring Programme


100% of PROJECT KPIs showed positive movement across ALL COHORTS
15% INCREASE IN CAPABILITY to leverage potential.
Leveraging Potential
Quality Conversations
Project KPIs


“Our bank has worked with Coach Global for over a year and has helped build coaching mindsets and capability within a number of our senior HR leaders across Asia Pacific Region. The impact our association has had is clear and validated through examples of HR busines partners consciously choosing a coaching conversation style in crucial conversations with the business. The program itself has been a thorough joy for me . Thanks for all your hard work to get us here”

Gyan Nagpal
Regional Head of Learning & Development Asia Pacific Deutsche Bank

HCF (Australia) Case Study

– Coaching Culture Initiative “Consistency of Coaching across HCF”


  • One of the Australia’s largest combined registered private health fund and life insurance organisations. HCF is the largest not for profit fund in Australia.
  • 1300 Employees


  • Increase engagement – currently low and stagnated engagement scores
  • Increase ratings for Leadership Effectiveness – Currently “unsatisfactory”
  • Create positive associations with the term “coaching”

Coach Global to take layered approach to coach training within the organisation to create positive association and consistency of definition of coaching. Structure inclusive of:

  • Formally training core individuals through Executive Coach Certification program
  • Training leaders for day to day coaching conversations and mindset “Coaching as a Leadership Style”
  • Provide a short course introduction to coaching for team members whose leaders were to adopt a coaching style. Supporting the success of the interaction between leader and team member- as well as consistency of definition of coaching.
  • Sustainability program created including Community of Practice
  • Work closely with HCF to ensure alignment and reinforcement of identified norms and streams


19% INCREASE IN engagement
100% of surveyed particpants would recommend this programme to thir colleagues
Leadership Effectiveness
100% recommended


“We could not have hoped for a better partner”

Janne Beudeker
Organisational Development Programs Manager

Highlight: “Coaching as a Leadership Style” breaks a record for HCF in 2019. This program “sold-out” in less than 30 minutes.
Intense programme registartions were a result of internally created enthusiasm and referral to the program.

Highlight: “Massive difference of leaders who had completed the program” – Quote from AON who provided data analysis
AON’s recommendation to HCF post surveys: “Put every leader through this program!

DEAKIN UNIVERSITY (e-Solutions) Case Study
– Coaching Culture Initiative “Ignite Potential”


  • Deakin University is a public university in Australia, and as of 2021 is ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world.


  • Develop cutting-edge coaching capability amongst senior leaders
  • Develop deepened understanding of the impact of coaching in the university context.


Coach Global to take layered approach to bringing an increased emphasis of the benefits and applicability of coaching in contect of leadership at the university.:

  • Formally training core individuals through Executive Coach Certification program
  • Training leaders for day to day coaching conversations and mindset “Ignite Potential”
  • Provide direct coaching benefits as well as deepened understanding of Coaching to Senior Management Team through 1:1 coaching programmes


100% of surveyed particpants would recommend this programme to thir colleagues


“Thanks so much for being such an absolutely BRILLIANT all-round provider!”

Megan Capicchiano
Culture Lead. eSolutions Deakin University

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