Coaching Cultures

Leading organisations internationally are pursuing the development and embedding of coaching cultures in direct response to the need for increased engagement, retention, innovation, collaboration and sustainable growth to thrive in the increasingly competitive global environment.

The need to fully leverage the potential of the workforce – their buy-in, creativity and innovation, has become critical to be ahead of the curve.

Relying heavily on the knowledge and thinking of leadership teams provides for a greater likelihood of maintaining a status quo. It is ultimately a limited resource, and increases the possibility of not continuing to grow at the rate required to respond to the challenges of the rapidly evolving marketplace. Universities are shifting their focus from providing purely knowledge based degrees with the view that in the future “there will be no such thing as an expert” – the world is moving too fast. Studies are showing that the most critical factors for success will include critical thinking, innovation and collaboration. This underscores the importance of a culture which honours and pursues the collective potential  – this is a coaching culture. Where leaders have the ability, skills and mindset to nurture these critical aspects. It is a way of thinking and behaving day to day as an organisation which implores leadership to pull potential not just give answers.

Coach Global has the experience and expertise, along with a passion for coaching and partnership, that has seen it contracted to long term coaching culture transformation projects encompassing multiple cultures, and hundreds of leaders to embed a new way of being as an organisation.

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Case Study

Large international insurance company, (as at 2017 – 20,000 employees and market cap of USD $104 Billion) contracts Coaching Australia/ Coach Global as their key strategic partner for culture change, in support of their vision for empowerment and accountability across the Asia Pacific Region. They are clear coaching is their “how”.

Approx 800 leaders (36 programmes over 5 years) are trained through a bespoke programme blending prior frameworks to provide continuity and ROI on valued prior training, with desired skills and mindset to create positive sustainable change to the leadership styles of the organisation.

Initial programmes are completed at directive of Group Office across 15 countries.

A further 21 programmes have been completed on request of individual entities as a direct result of the valued experience of initial programmes. The relationship continues to date.

Snapshot of Company's Success

Market Capitalisation

2010US$23 Billion
2016US$78 Billion

The Bottom Line

Value of New Business (VONB)




Operating Profit After Tax (OPAT)





Organisation is recognised as Regional Best Employer 2016 by AON Hewitt


2010: Bottom Quartile Globally
2016: Top Quartile Globally