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Coach Global is a leading provider of premium in-house Coach Training Programmes. The programmes support significant leadership development and improved, and extensive, organisational outcomes, through the development of critical coaching capability.

We have partnered with leading organisations globally including Deutsche Bank , Bacardi , AIA, HCF, Forestry Corporation, Linde, Deakin University and The Sands Macau, designing fully bespoke impactful, practical and highly reflective programmes to best serve their organisation.. To view case studies please go to “Coaching Culture” page.

With 20 years of experience, we have the capacity and expertise to fully support the coaching needs of your organisation – whether it be to provide base level training to a small group of your leaders or to support you in an extensive cultural change project where engagement, empowerment, performance, retention and accountability are critical components of the organisational vision.

Our unique coaching models are exclusive to Coaching Australia and Coach Global, guaranteeing a new experience, even for those leaders who have previously undertaken coach training.

Our Approach

Expect a coaching approach from us throughout our partnership as we collaborate with you to create a totally bespoke solution that honours the unique and specific needs and considerations of your organisation.

We will work closely with your organisation to support you to clarify your goals and desired outcomes, to understand your current reality, to listen deeply throughout the process to uncover what is truly important to your organisation.

We work closely with you to create a bespoke project that results in positive sustainable change – all of which is at the heart of coaching. We believe that the sustainability aspect links closely to the integrity of what we do. Our wish is to make a positive difference within organisations, and to the people within those organisations, for the longer term.

100% of participants surveyed have said they would recommend their programme to their colleagues.

Our Programmes

Our programmes are aligned to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ensuring consistency with global standards and assurance of excellence.

We will customise programmes entirely to meet the needs of your organisation, though offer the following as a guide for possibility.


Coach Global’s Executive Coach Certification Programme (ECCP) is a cutting-edge programme specifically focussed on supporting coaching culture initiatives and “Coaching as a Leadership Style” development in leading organisations.

This programme can be delivered in-house for your organisation only or you may prefer to join our Open ECCP programme.

– Understand successful, and proven, strategies to creating a sustainable coaching culture
– Gain access to highly effective, and unique coaching models for immediate application into your organisation
– Be equipped to address creating a successful internal coaching pool
– Have templates and structures to support coaching initiatives within your organisation
– Be fully equipped to operate as certified formal internal coach within your organisation
– Join like-minded organisational leaders, and benefit from the richness of the cohort, whilst extending your professional network (Open programme)

You are:
– Responsible for exploring, commencing or deepening the coaching culture of your organisation?
– A decision maker, curious to better understand coaching and it’s benefits for your organisation, whilst building deep coaching capability for yourself
– A HR, L & D, OD or Culture professional focussed on incorporating coaching capability as a key component in creating positive change in your organisation
– An individual leader who is highly aware of the importance of developing internationally aligned coaching capability to thrive, and stand out, in the global marketplace.

Fully Virtual Programme
Delivered over 3-4 months to support embedding of coaching capability
Provides flexibility and accessibility through:
Stage 1: 6 x ½ day Zoom sessions delivered over approx 2 weeks
Stage 2: 4 x Self-Directed online modules
4 x 1 hour Learning Forum Calls (Zoom)
Stage 3: 6 x ½ day Zoom sessions delivered over approx 2 weeks

“A great course and a blueprint for online Zoom style programmers!”
“This worked fantastically as a virtual learning course. I personally feel it went better virtually than it would have in person.”
“Absolutely brilliant job at delivering this course virtually.

Foundations of Coaching Programme

Suitable for providing coaching capability for day to day leadership interactions

Whilst are programmes are all bespoke, our cutting edge, ICF aligned, Foundations of Coaching programme provides a proven template from which we can develop the ideal programme to serve your organisation’s vision.

We have received consistent high acclaim for our programmes, delivered across some 15 + countries and many diverse cultures. Our coaching models are totally unique and exclusive to Coach Global and Coaching Australia and ensure that every participant will benefit from new development in their coaching, irrespective of any previous coach training.

Consistent outstanding outcomes have resulted from the implementation of this programme including:
– increased engagement
– deepened connectiveness
– retention of key staff
– increased innovation
– increased personal accountability
– improved productivity
– culture of empowerment and valuing diversity of thought

The highly practical and experiential approach in the programme, allows for:
– a highly engaging and immersive experience
– a clear understanding of the definition and benefit of coaching
– the opportunity to fully understand where coaching can be applied in the leader’s own context
– a self-reflective experience where leaders are able to evaluate the effectiveness of their current leadership style, behaviours and thinking
– connecting more deeply with their peers as they understand each other through deeper coaching conversations across the programme

Exploring Coaching

A short one day programme suitable for emerging leaders, providing an initial understanding of coaching, including base coaching skills. The programme also supports understanding of the intention and definition of coaching and paves the way for more effective coaching conversations.

The highly practical and experiential approach in the programme, allows for:
– a highly engaging and immersive experience
– a clear understanding of the definition and intention of coaching
– an understanding of the foundations of coaching
– an introduction to core coaching skills
– the opportunity to connect more deeply with their peers in the programme through their coaching interactions

Our Training Team

We provide excellence in coach training to our high level and diverse client base globally via our international team of trainers who are all active, successful coaches and thus train from a base of experience rather than just theory. Our team boast numerous international credentials and years of experience.

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Benefits of a Coaching as a Leadership style and Organisational culture

  • Positive sustainable change
  • Supports retention of high performing talent
  • Optimises Potential
  • Promotes a harmonious culture
  • Elicits creativity and innovation from team
  • Creates accountability and responsibility in the individual to outcomes
  • A positive learning culture
  • Promotes open communication
  • Supports truly effective performance management and appraisals
  • Skills to define clear goals and action plans with the individual
  • Increasing self-awareness of the individual
  • Assists the individual identify development needs and personal/ professional hurdles themselves
  • Improves focus and motivation
  • Creates an inclusive culture
  • Increases bottom line

Programmes can be specifically tailored whether the desired outcome is for the Leaders to understand and be able to communicate like a coach, or to be able to operate as a formal coach within the organisation.

The Coaches/ Leaders develop increasingly strong leadership, relationship and communication skills. These are highly practical skills which can be leveraged by the individual constantly during the myriad of coachable moments that exist in the workplace daily. The underlying core themes of accountability, increased self-awareness and improved communication contribute to the occurrence of positive cultural shifts.

Training to be able to operate as a formal coach effectively creates an internal pool of coaches, who have the capacity to formally coach other members of the organisation to achieve their individual goals. With a number of coaches operating, there is scope for numerous goals to be achieved concurrently, and a culture of individual accountability and success permeates throughout. Adopting this strategy has the potential for enormous impact across the organisation, providing a significant and ongoing return on investment.

Return on investment is extremely strong, and can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. Measurement methods will be tailored to each individual organisation.

Programmes are provided on both group in-house formats, and as Personalised programme for individual leaders.

For more information regarding our fully customised in-house Coach Training programmes please contact us.


  • The coaching program has given my team a common language of management along with simple tools to use on a daily basis whilst also building an environment of trust that has truly helped them move to the next level and bond as a team

    Bill Lisle
    Chief Executive Officer, AIA - Malaysia
  • Excellent! This is very useful in my daily business life. Im committed in using coaching skills in every possible coachable moment and I would highly recommend senior business leaders to take this coaching training. This is the most dedicated and concentrated I have ever been in a programme!

    Davis Tsai
    Managing Director, Microsoft, Taiwan
  • I was not sure if I would be able to apply coaching skills, rather than have the interest to learn what a coach is. However, by the time I walked out from the programme I am looking for any coachable moment to apply. It has renewed my spirit.

    Elaine Bai
    Talent Management Director I IBM, China
  • Our bank has worked with Coaching Australia for over a year, and Lisa has helped build coaching mindsets and capability within a number of our senior HR leaders across the Asia Pacific region. The impact our association has had is clear, and validated through examples of senior HR business partners consciously choosing a coaching conversational style in crucial conversations with the business. The programme itself has been a thorough joy for me. Thanks for all your hard work to get us here!

    Gyan Nagpal
    Regional Head of Learning & Development - Asia Pacific ,Human Resources , Deutsche Bank AG Singapore

“58% of senior and mid-level managers have worked for managers with poor coaching skills. 86% of these reported that they wanted to leave as a result” – McKinsey War For Talent Survey

“The Business demand for coaching is nearly doubling each year.. Out of the $80 billion being currently spent on corporate education, FLI Research estimates that $2 billion is spent on executive coaching at senior executive levels in Fortune 500 companies.”