Fraser Murray

Hong Kong


Fraser’s unique combination of qualities has led to success and acclaim as a top international coach across a range of industries and organisations. He coaches both face to face and virtually. An  inspirational speaker on diversity, and much sought after facilitator, Fraser advises on talent strategy,  leadership, teamwork, high potential and women’s development.

Coaching Style

With a style that is engaging and supportive but equally forthright and challenging, Fraser’s messages are both transformational and pragmatic, specialising in enabling coachees to better manage relationships
and influence across countries, cultures, departments and at all levels. Fraser is renowned for his creative solutions in helping organisations to develop more diverse  thinking, helping ensure the right balance of local managers and women in every part of their talent pipeline. He uses ‘back to the future’ coaching techniques to help teams and individuals create an ideal vision – with measurable outcomes – before inspiring them to achieve it.

Areas of Specialisation:

Talent Strategy, Leadership, Coaching, Diversity on Boards, Women’s Development, Mentoring, Networking, Global Internal Collaboration, Facilitation of Senior Team Off-sites.

Client Organisations and Seniority

Fraser’s experience includes working with ABN AMRO, Allied Domecq, AXA Rosenberg, Balfour Beatty, Barclays, Barrie & Hibbert, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Cuisine De France, Flybe, Heinz, Henderson Global Investors, La Salle, National Australia Bank, RBS, Standard Life, State Street, Strutt and Parker, Transport For London and University of Edinburgh.

Career Background

British born, Fraser forged a career in HR and Top Talent Development across sectors ranging from Food Retailing to Manufacturing, Beverages to Financial Markets, before becoming Director of Training for Barclays Bank. As a Talent Expert Fraser, now leads a team of over 50 global talent experts providing support with design and implementation of talent strategy, diverse thinking, leadership development and executive coaching.

Qualifications and Training

Fraser is a qualified coach specialising in Life Coaching, Performance and Career Coaching, often using NLP and other techniques such as ‘Back To The Future’ thinking. A member of the Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and has a BA in Business Management Studies.