Coach Training Programmes

Suitable for individuals who are interested in:

  • Developing advanced Coaching and Leadership skills to facilitate increased performance in the workplace
  • Starting their own Coaching business in any arena

Our offerings include:

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Our experience and success in delivering powerful and acclaimed Coach Training is evidenced by our exclusive client list, working with individual’s and teams from numerous multi-national and top tier organisations including Microft, IBM, Lenova, AIA, Deutche Bank, Coca-Cola, Jaguar LandRover,Roche, IKEA,Venetian Macau, Ford, Nissan, Macquarie Bank, Reserve Bank of Australia, Ernst & Young and Price WaterhouseCoopers.

Our Coach Training Programmes are designed by Lisa Wandl, Managing Director of Coaching Australia, a leading Executive Coach who has integrated her hands-on experience of coaching in top organisations into the Coach training. This has ensured that participants take away highly practical and applicable skills and tools that have been successfully tested for consisent success in top level organisations. The programme is highly experiential and designed over a number of months to support sustained learning.

Coaching Australia has developed coaching capability in more than a thousand individuals across numerous cultures and industries.

Benefits of Coaching Australia Coach Training Programmes:

  • Accreditation – On completion of the programme and successful assessment you will receive a Coaching Australia Accreditation.
  • ICF Approved/ Aligned – Our “Executive Coach Certification Programme” is ICF approved. All Coaching Australia programmes are fully aligned to the core competencies of the ICF.
  • Licensed materials and resources – Supporting and giving structure to your coaching sessions. Lifetime access to Coaching Australia resources.
  • An incredibly valuable skill-set in both a professional and personal sense
    • Come away with the skills to facilitate an individual’s thinking in a way that supports their professional and/or personal growth.
    • Learn how to structure coaching conversations, sessions and overall programmes.
    • Skills to set goals, create actions and insights.
    • High-level communication skills.
    • Learn how to deal with conflict resolution and difficult conversations.
    • Ability to create accountability in individuals to create the outcomes they want.
    • Assist people to gain perspective and reduce stress.
    • Increase the individual’s self-awareness, inclusive of negative habits and beliefs.
    • Create a positive solutions-focused mindset.
    • Ability to motivate and inspire.
    • An incredibly rewarding skill both professionally and personally.
  • Ongoing Reference – A 250 page manual is provided for ongoing reference.
  • Exceptional value programme – Programme is highly efficient with focused, experiential and practical content. Priced very competitively.